Business Health Index

The following confidential questionnaire is intended to give both you and us a snap-shot summary of your business’s “health” and help us to help you to design a strategic agenda of what needs fixing to take your business to the next level.

Business Growth Intervention

CDR works with senior management to develop their understanding of their business context and then initiate appropriate business interventions to achieve accelerated growth in shareholder value.

The suite of diagnostics concludes in a Business Index covering all facets of business effectiveness and creates compelling evidence to support business transformation and engagement of key stakeholders.

Business growth intervention extends the traditional training and consulting methodology to a proven facilitation approach launching rapid change and implementation of interventions. The participative approach ensures the new business direction is embedded through leadership engagement and shared accountability for the execution of the interventions with strategic alignment.

Allowing you to discover more about your business, your challenges, and your environment

Why Us

Customer Value Proposition (CVP) goes beyond getting the basics done.

1. Revenue
2. Cost

The Basics – It is comparatively easy to build revenue and decrease costs, but these strategies alone do not create long-term business success.


3. Risk – enhance business resilience by managing and reducing your business risk
4. Sustainable Competitive Advantage – build and execute the strategies for sustainable competitive advantage
5. Thinking Capability – build your thinking capability to master the business environment
6. Strategic Alertness – develop your strategic alertness, which enables superior decision-making in taking your business forward
7. Investor Attractiveness – create sustainable growth that enhances your business value

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