Business Growth Intervention

CDR works with senior management to develop their understanding of their business context and then initiate appropriate business interventions to achieve accelerated growth in shareholder value. The suite of diagnostics concludes in a Business Index covering all facets of business effectiveness and creates compelling evidence to support business transformation and engagement of key stakeholders. Business growth intervention extends the traditional training and consulting methodology to a proven facilitation approach launching rapid change and implementation of interventions. The participative approach ensures the new business direction is embedded through leadership engagement and shared accountability for the execution of the interventions with strategic alignment. Allowing you to discover more about your business, your challenges, and your environment



Charles is an Independent Strategist and Consultant with specific expertise in setting steel price policy and strategy, and managing and marketing in regards to steel price system and price tactics. With a Bachelors Degree of Honors in Communications and Economy from North-West University, Charles continued to gain more than thirty years of industry experience. Beginning as an Economist for Arcelor Mittal, Charles swiftly advanced to Group Manager of Marketing, specializing in strategic consultation and business plan development. Drawing on profound industry knowledge, Charles set out to offer independent services, allowing him to embrace and extend his full spectrum of abilities to companies in the Mining and Metals Industry. Highly regarded for his ability to optimize marketing functions on an international level, Charles consistently enhances his reputation as he builds sustainable relationships with industry partners around the globe.



In today's global marketplace 'time' is one of your most valuable resources as the imperatives of responding to competitive forces challenges each leader's ability to anticipate, respond and remain focused on creating accelerated growth in shareholder value, optimised resource utilisation, continuing business resilience and strategic agility. The concept of time value of money is critical to the approach in building strategic agility and enabling your business to outsmart the competition, rather than out price or outpace them.

In today's turbulent competitive marketplace strategic agility creates unprecedented competitive advantage. Strategic agility is a rare differentiator of business resilience as it maximizes the return on strategic insight, drives leadership accountability for strategy execution, aligns cultural architecture with strategic intent and unleashed first mover opportunity to capture advantage. CDR redefined strategic agility and designed pathways to create significant first mover advantage in your business.

Maintaining competitive advantage demands investment in strategic alertness and anticipation of changing customer needs in our fast moving global marketplace. Innovation is seen by many as a 'silver bullet' to gain competitive advantage however the reality in many firms is that this espoused aspiration is often drowned in 'busyness'. CDR will assist you to design and enable a culture of innovation that aligns with your strategic intent and continually challenges the targets for innovation.

Today's turbulent business environment makes strategic thinking a critical success factor in building competitive advantage. It's this dynamic strategic thinking that enables first mover advantage from the drivers of strategic agility. Strategic management demands new thinking styles in order to capture strategic alertness, overcome the distortions of outdated mindsets and surface true strategic insight as a basis for decision making. We are in uncharted waters of turbulence and global competition where traditional thinking models are exposed and myopia is the thinking blind spot that destroys business resilience. Discover new ways to think strategically and collaboratively create insight, design resilient business models and command first mover advantage - create your future. CDR will enhance your strategic edge and provide breakthroughs to capture strategic agility.

Business resilience requires dynamic strategic alertness and the engagement of the top leadership team in robust strategic thinking that defines success through insight, shared accountability for strategy execution and the deployment of an innovation culture to engage talent meaningfully in creating sustainable competitive advantage. In these turbulent times business resilience necessitates anticipation, dogged commitment to optimisation and utilisation of key resources including talent, capital, integrated systems and process. Cash is the fuel of your business and with the global demand for capital exceeding supply investors are only supporting business that can demonstrate masterful resilience and strategic agility.

Fast growth can be the defining strength or the destructive daemon of your business depending on your strategic agility, dynamic strategic alertness, leadership edge and ability to drive execution optimisation in a turbulent business environment. Many a business create high expectations for fast growth and struggle to meet expectations when the heat comes on and all aspects of the business are exposed to growth stress including leadership, the talent pool, systems and processes and cultural architecture. CDR will support customers through fast growth and helped build resilience. CDR's methodology starts with understanding your current business DNA and then building pathways to underpin growth acceleration while reducing risk.

The attraction, recruitment and retention of critical talent resources is a constant challenge in our turbulent marketplace where differentiation and competitive advantage is determined by the intellectual capital, thinking skills, leadership and collaborative teamwork of people in demand and mobile. The culture establishes the engagement attractiveness of your business and its architecture creates a foundation for strategic agility and performance. Leadership has been defined as the privilege that enables success though others through focus, individual and team engagement, creation of a unity of purpose with meaning that excites challenges and rewards performance.

The fight for capital in our new global marketplace is tough and exposed to fierce competition as investors carefully assess risk reward and look for business that can demonstrate strategic agility, accelerated growth in shareholder value and through business resilience and consistent alignment between strategic intent and execution accountability. Economic profit is the benchmark measure of an investor attractive business while investment readiness means there is a dynamic approach to differentiating the business as an investment choice. Business acumen, Strategic agility and strong financial discipline are table stakes in this new world. CDR offers you the gateway to creating investment readiness and maintaining global investor attractiveness.


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